black obsidian gua sha (scraper/stone)


Obsidian is shiny black rock formed from molten lava. This cool tool has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years and is known for its lifting and firming effects on the skin. The stone also naturally retains heat, which works wonders on blemish prone and congested skin. Using the gua sha in your “at home” skincare routine will give your your very own cbd facial.



Not only does the black obsidian gua sha draw out negative energy from the body, it manually drains sluggish lymph – which can cause inflammation and puffy pockets. It kick starts your face into a natural cleanse mode for the following key benefits:

  • Reduce wrinkles.

  • Improve energy flow.

  • Support circulation.

  • Drain sluggish lymph.

  • Firm and lift the skin.

  • Can be used on the face, jaw, neck and body.

  • Reduces inflammation.

  • Alleviates headaches and neck pain.



The key to using your tool is to work from the inside of your face (near your eyes and nose) moving outwards towards your ears. ALWAYS scrape up, never down on the face, however use downward motions on the neck.

You can gently hold the tool flat to the skin under the eye area or over any redness to cool and soothe. When moving the tool over the skin, use the curved side, holding it at a 90 degree angle, using short strokes in one direction (from the inside of your face outwards) and never back and forth.

Using CBD skincare in your routine will benefit the entire process and we recommend using the Grass Roots ® Super Glow Miracle Oil with your gua sha to help the tool glide easily over the skin. The gua sha will also encourage the skin to absorb the ingredients from within the oil for an ultimate skin healing, at-home treatment. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water to flush away the toxins that you have just scraped.



Don’t over use your gua sha – 1- 3 days a week is enough usage for this pocket rocket.



Simply clean your gua sha with warm soapy water and allow to dry.

Top tip

Keep your black obsidian gua sha in the freezer. Not only does this keep your tool sterile, but super cool to aid reduction in swelling. As your gua sha begins to naturally warm up, it will start targeting blemishes and congestion!



Obsidian is a natural volcanic glass, formed by the rapid cooling and hardening of volcanic lava, which solidifies so quickly that mineral crystals do not have time to grow – giving it a smooth and uniform texture. The name obsidian simply refers to glassy texture and technically it can have any chemical composition, although it generally refers to the igneous volcanic rock found in areas where lava meets water. Its use dates back to the Stone Age where archaeologists discovered obsidian being used to make jewellery and crop tools. Today, it is still being used in modern surgical instruments – obsidian glass is added to surgical steel for precise cutting.

In ancient times, priests and mystics would use carved, polished obsidian in the shape of a flat disc to stare into – to find visions and prediction of the future. It is believed to be a protective stone that forms a shield against negativity, providing a grounding cord from the base chakra to the centre of the earth. It brings clarity to the mind and clears confusion providing deep soul healing.